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Treat yourself with physical, emotional, and spiritual nourishment.



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Music & Ecstatic Dance

Let yourself be carried away by the pulsating rhythms and uplifting melodies.


Old world Celtic and contemporary folk trio featuring hypnotic grooves and soaring vocals.
Peia Luzzi is an American born song collector, writer and multi-instrumentalist based in the mountains of Appalachia. Like water from a deep well, she draws inspiration from her ancestral roots of Celtic and Old World European folk music. With the voice of a lark, Peia dances nimbly from Child Ballads and 17th C. Gaelic laments, to Waulking Songs, and Bulgarian mountain calls. She has traveled & studied extensively over the past 10 years to reconnect with her own ancestral song tradition. Uncovering melodies wrinkled & wise with time, while taking care to honor their language and stories. Peia brings a piece of herself to each song she carries.
Peia (USA)


Ayla is an extraordinary "world folk" artist, combining original poetic songs with traditional and tribal music. With a growing international presence, she has become known as "A Voice of the Earth" and a leading figure in the medicine music and ecological spiritual movement. Her musical style, absorbing global influences, has traveled the world, and her live performances create a sacred space to open the hearts of listeners. Through her music, she expresses the depth, wisdom and soul of the human experience.
Ayla Schafer (GBR)

DJ set

This talented French producer and DJ transcends the boundaries of electronic music with his universal approach to music. With millions of streams and support from global radio, he is one of the most promising artists of his generation. Come experience an incredible atmosphere, get swept away by his exotic rhythms and experience an unforgettable evening of energy and music.
Yeahman (FR)


Known for their highly accessible and deeply powerful Kirtan, Medicine Music and Ecstatic Dance offerings, The Hanuman Project will sweep you up into a whirlwind of chant ecstasy and then plunge into a lake of devotional nectar. This is not a band, it’s a movement - a grassroots and cutting-edge devotional & medicine music ensemble, ever-evolving, celebrating, singing and dancing all the way home.
The Hanuman Project (BGR)


Ecstatic Dance with a touch of guidance
There are many ways to meditate. In TUNE we Dance. We cast an intent into the heart, the body and the ether and let the practical embodied magic of re-aligning EMERGE. TUNE IS FREE FORM MOVEMENT RITUAL. Connecting the individual to the communal, from a landscape of deep authenticity and earnest embodied prayer. In TUNE we dance for all 360 layers of our being human to EMERGE + MERGE into the single GOLDEN THREAD of an aligned embodied awake human experience. TUNE invites Exquisite Sound Scapes. TUNE invites Interactive Soul directed action. TUNE unites and elevates. You are invited to be part of this sonic movement ecstatic journey.
Amber Ryan (USA)

Ecstatic Dance

Shaman of Dance, Ecstatic Dance Master, Dance Floor Magician... Kareem Raïhani has been called many names for the ecstatic journeys he creates world wide on festivals, gatherings, retreats and ceremonies. For more then 20 Years, Kareem Raïhani shares his music throughout Europe and beyond and mixes like no other different styles of dance music into a happening of body shaking rhythms, shamanic vibes, heart opening sounds, spiraling melodies and contagious grooves. Being close to the heart and Mother Earth, respecting ancient knowledge and conscious of modern technology, his sets are containing many of his own productions and remixes. Kareem’s performance is setting dance floors on fire! He is always reaching for that moment when the trance kicks in and the dancer becomes the dance... The only way to understand what all those music and dance lovers feel thru Kareem's music is to simply experience it!
Kareem Raïhani (NED)

DJ set - Ecstatic Rave

A DJ set where we can dance the unexpected, from techno to Bass, tropical music, Afro, and Trance. A full DJ set where we dance, celebrate our gathering and open our hearts. More catharsis, more power, more groovy.
Akira (IT)


Come and enjoy a magical moment with Lemon and Soul! This original music project brings together emotion, spirituality and music. At the heart of their work are harmonic textures, melodic flows and lyrical narratives, all inspired by the Mediterranean Sea. Join our community of friends and let yourself be carried away by the melodic instruments and vocals. Let yourself be blown away and feel the breeze of Lemon and Soul for yourself!
Lemon and Soul (ISR)

Lemon and Soul DJ set

Lemon and Soul Dj set is a mixture of colorful music carefully selected by Noam Chadash.Its intention is that through music and dance we can hop on the journey around the world and through time. Each set is unique and can contain music from Soul to Afrobeat, Funk to Hiphop, Cumbia to Mediterranean music and so on. Just be sure that the music will be colorful
Lemon and Soul (ISR)

Ecstatic Dance

With the energy inherent in me, I will prepare for the Healing Festival a shamanic musical journey, an ecstatic ride that will heat you up, uplift you, cheer you up, take you to the valley of shadows and to the mountain tops, open your heart, connect with your body and open a space of peace, calm and trust in life in your mind. I look forward to God's Healing Tribe!
Petr Toman - Orlický Ecstatic (CZ)

Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance, conscious dance or conscious dance party, is a concept of spontaneous dance without drugs and alcohol. This kind of dance is based on intuitive and free movement, free from all ideas of what dance should look like. Ecstatic Dance is essentially a dance ceremony that takes place in a safe environment of like-minded people among whom we can completely relax and express ourselves. No words, just movement. The carefully selected and mixed music simply invites you to let the musical wave carry you from calm to ecstasy and back again; while fully enjoying your body through dance.
Jobbi Tao (CZ)

Ecstatic Dance with Akira

We will dance and express ourselves true different music genres. I will create a container where anything is possible, a place where the dance is free and wild, and the spirit is unbound. The Ecstatic Dance will be a place where you can find yourself, lose yourself, and be reborn anew.
Akira (IT)

Chan Chan DJ set

Join us on this journey together as we discover endless melodies and immerse ourselves in the story we will tell you. We promise you a soothing and grounding experience that will uplift your thoughts and energize you. Our adventure will take us to the sounds and dances where together we will discover the beauty of music. Accept our invitation and let's embark on this magical journey together!
Chan Chan (ISR)

Happy Healing DJ Set

The sun is shining, the grass is green, life is more than fine. Let's sway together to the rhythms of well-being. For this lunchtime, I've prepared a special selection of feel good music that will put a smile on your face.
Jobbi Tao (CZ)

Native Chants Concert

The Native Chants concert celebrates and preserves the rich musical traditions that have been passed down through generations, offering an opportunity to experience the sounds and rhythms of the Amazon. These songs reflect the deep connection between the Amazonian people and their environment, expressing themes of nature, spirituality, and community. Here we have the chance to genuinely share from our hearts, the studies we have been doing in these traditions.
Nikaya (BR)

Ceremonies & Rituals

Experience the deep wisdom of ancient rituals that will take you on a journey to yourself.

Opening ceremony

The opening ceremony sets the energy for the whole festival by creating a sacred container for all that will unfold. All present will participate in the ceremony and will feel uplifted and energized. The ceremony will be a joyful experience honoring the sacred, the elements and the visible and invisible realms.
Urtema Dolphin (GBR)

Closing ceremony

The closing ceremony will be a ceremony of gratitude for all that has been received and for being held by the visible and invisible realms in love and beauty .
Urtema Dolphin (GBR)

Lion's Gate Ritual

Sacred Blue Lotus tea ceremony with shamanic sound journey
The ceremony will begin with an explanation about the history and the effects of Blue lotus as a plant medicine. The tea will be served and intentions set - connecting to the spirit of the plant . Participants will be invited to lie down and taken on a guided journey with sound to receive insights , visions and healing from this beautiful plant medicine. We will end with a short sharing circle and close the space.
Urtema Dolphin (GBR)

Cacao & Heart Songs

In this communal experience, we cultivate our intention ​through the exploration of our expression. This space will ​offer all original song, mantra and spoken word - inviting ​you to participate and cultivate a unique connection to ​your own voice and prayer. Together, we forge a deeper ​rooted connection with the Earth through the sharing of cacao and the medicine of earth-based melodies.
HEART SONGS with Mōllie Mendōɀa & Harmony Sunshine (GBR & USA)

A Ceremony of Gratitude

To honor Mother Earth, to acknowledge our ancestors, to give thanks to the land. This ceremony is inspired by the teachings and the guidance of the spirits of the land where I am traveling. Whenever I arrive in the country that welcomes me, I connect with the energy of this land. Messages are being given and translated in an empowering ceremony to open up the minds and hearts of the ones participating. Dancing together in our power to honor. Remember to respect and give gratitude to our Earth Mother, our Ancestors, Spirits and each other To always give back more than we take. Caring and sharing.
Nana Garra rrana (NLD)


Ready FOR MAGIC? Its time you activate your water magic. Za Rah is leading you into the deep waters. The realms of Magic, water and creative flow. Receive a sacred dragon magical potion, an elixir to open the heart and the realms of manifestation, may they flow like white water and sacred springs and open all hearts to life. We will gather and open the space for the magic of our connection into the realms of the water dragons and the Kundalini energy of water magic. Za Rah is holding the space for the dive into a conscious celebration of life, connecting us to the archetypes of the water dragons. So many aeons did we travel... Za Rah will lead you into a Kundalini Activation, sound and meditative journey and share a live channeling to open the space for expansion and divine connection. Please bring some pure drinking water for a sacred water blessing ceremony.
Za RAh Kumara (GRC/DEU)


In this healing, kundalini and meditation class, Za Rah will lead you through a clearing of your energy field to open your pathways for happier relationships in the future. Learn tools on how to keep your relationships healthy and happy, learn communication tools and try them in this workshop - Heal your broken heart and activate the divine love within you. All relationships start with ourselves, come and start now. Followed by a healing group session & introduction to Source Light Healing, Za Rah’s healing art that uses the raw power of Source to open unlimited possibilities for healing and manifestation. Prepare for clearing, healing and activation of your self-healing capacities, music and meditation, as we bring in the atlantean dream of anchoring Heaven to Earth in this Now. Ater Tumti - Heaven to Earth.

Star Seed Closing Celebration - SOLAR UNITY STAR SEED BLESSING

Beloved Ground Crew of the Galactic Forces of Light, thank you for your service. Please come and join our sister Za rah in holding a last ceremony of alignment and blessings for your year to come. We will gather and recalibrate together for our missions, until we meet again. On this last day of the festival let us bless each other before we journey out again into the CosmOs to deliver our destiny. You will receive a divine shield for our reintegration and protection. We are from the stars and joyfully remember that connection as we journey united on earth, held by our earth and star soul family and the angelic realm that guides and protects us at all times. Meditation, channeling, activation and connection to the world beyond the visible. Everyone, both adults and children, cats, dogs and unicorns are welcome to join the blessing.
Za Rah Kumara (GRC/DEU)

Wild Woman Awakening

Come and activate your wild woman, a ceremony exploring the archetypal liberated feminine, with chakra toning, yoni practices, ancient face painting and movement.
Lucy Porter & Jessica McDiarmed (GBR)

Cacao ceremony

Enter a space of heart-centered inner transformation with Cacao, the food of Gods and Goddesses. Harvested and used in ceremonies by the Mayan Civilization 2,500 years ago. As in ancient times, we will sit together in ceremony to remember who we truly are, beyond the layers of the ego: this sacredness, love, peace and freedom. Join me in this journey back to the Heart, to your home, to your true Self.
Haliama (MEX)


Shabbat blessing ceremony comes from the ancient Jewish tradition yet nowadays we include all traditions. We choose to come together and bless over the goodness of life. We pray over the light (candles), the elements, the wine (juice of life) and the Bread (food). We create together a sacred circle of gratitude via prayers, songs and love energy.Come in white and bring music instruments.
Orpheus B (ISR) with Noam Chadash (ISR), Shiri Shahar (ISR), Lemon and Soul )ISR)

Water Blessing / Wasi ritual

A ceremony where we will come together to honour and acknowledge Mama Watra. Giving thanks to the waters in and around us. Where you will get cleansed with a spiritual bath to release and let go. To create a clean safe space, to become more aligned with the water in yourself, to see more clearly, feel more deeply and listen more carefully. Experience the deeper teachings and be able to reflect. Let the water within us show us our reflection and nourish our needs. Let us bring her our offerings of love and respect. Let us celebrate life. We are water, water is life. During this powerfull energetic ceremonies I am hoping to be able to enlighten the people attending with the knowledge from my ancestors, each time from a different angle. I will be using my ancestral wisdom to reach the hearts and minds of people and empower them with the love of this joined experience. Nechat vodu v nás, aby nám ukázala náš odraz a vyživila naše potřeby. Přinášejme jí své oběti lásky a úcty. Oslavujme život. My jsme voda, voda je život. Doufám, že během těchto silných energetických obřadů budu moci osvítit přítomné lidi vědomostmi svých předků, pokaždé z jiného úhlu. Budu využívat moudrost svých předků, abych oslovila srdce a mysl lidí a posílila je láskou k této společné zkušenosti.
Nana Garra rrana (NLD)

Mayan Clay Ritual: Finding your own Totem Animal

In this ritual, the main benefit is to connect with Nawal which is your totem animal and release toxins and dead cells from the skin. People will take away the power of medicine and connection to the earth and the transformation that takes place when you unify yourself with the power of your own animal. They will learn to release shame from connecting with their most primal, instinctive, and animal being. It’s about finding the power of the earth by finding your own animal and allowing yourself to play with it. They will experience the transformation that happens within when you let yourself contact your wildest side and stop acting and being from your mind. They will feel free to be natural. It will be facilitated starting with a direction opening of the space in a Mexica traditional way to invite the elementals, the ancestors and the totem animals giving prayers to the earth in the form of clay followed by shamanic breathwork, followed by standing up and with the help of the drums and some traditional instruments finding their totem animals and then coming together in groups to paint themselves with the clay either in the face or whole body in the weather allows, and then dancing with their totem animals in celebration of life and unification.being. It’s about finding the power of the earth through finding your own animal and allowing themselves to paly with it. They will experience the transformation that happens within when you let yourself contact your wildest side and stop acting and being from your mind. They will feel free to be natural. It will be facilitated starting with a direction oppening of the space in a Mexica traditional way to invite the elementals, the ancestors and the totem animals giving prayers to the earth in the form of clay followed by a shamanic breathwork, followed by standing up and with the help of the drums and some traditional instruments finding their totem animals and then coming together in groups to paint themselves with the clay either in the face or whole body in the weather allows, and then dancing with their totem animals in celebration of life and unification.

Shamanic 'DMT' astral journey

The shamanic journey is a core practice in many indigenous cultures and shamanic traditions. This specially designed ceremony called "DMT" stands for Dream Meditation Technique, where you will learn how to tap into your own "Spirit Molecule - DMT". It involves a specific tapping method that Orpheus created for an easy flow into an active dream state. entering altered states of consciousness to access non-ordinary reality for healing, guidance, and spiritual exploration. The shamanic journey is a profound spiritual practice that can offer access to healing, angelic guidance and transformation. It's a deeply personal and experiential process that varies for each individual, yet with the right guidance one can transcend the “ordinary’ reality and journey in other dimensions. The main benefits can be self-healing, personal transformation, connection to spirit and power animal, insights and guidance to life, and expanded consciousness. You can experience a profound sense of Wonder and Awe towards something new and greater than self. You will learn how to connect with the sacred and the unseen realms. You may feel deeply personal and can encompass a wide range of emotions, from joy and peace to empowerment and gratitude. Regardless of the specific feelings, many participants describe their experiences as profoundly transformative and life-affirming. You might experience anything from deep sleep to a profound “journey” in new realms encountering beings, talking animals, guiding angels, past memories, or Deep healing. Orpheus and team will guide you into a relaxing meditation and with the support of Shamanic drumming will take you on a journey to cross into the Multiverse of realities and dimensions. Done only by guided meditation and live music. No substances or drugs are involved. It is suitable for those who are seeking connection with the sacred and the unseen realms. Those who are seeking an answer to a deep question or a solution to a problem.
Orpheus B (ISR)

Sound Alchemy and Voice Healing Ceremony

You will dive deep into the world of frequency, giving your soul a safe space to travel into different dimensions, experiences, and memories through the alchemical tapestry the sound of the alchemy crystal singing bowls. These bowls are unique and special because they provide absolute pure and high crystalline frequency that penetrates through the veil. We will retrieve soul fragments, download them back into your body, and activate your soul's expression through the voice portal. By opening your throat center, we will learn how to manifest and project your purest form into existence. Your being will quantum leap into your highest timeline and shift your life.
Ava Avatar (AUT)

Wayusa Ceremony: Chatting by the Fire with a Elder wisdom from Ecuador.

The benefit of the Wayusa ceremony is that it allows people to understand how we, as indigenous people of the rainforest, view family, fear, spirituality, energy, peace, and communication. Participants will leave inspired by the understanding that life is unique and fleeting. As human beings, we must strive to live in harmony with nature and our families.
Allpa Gefa (ECU)

How important it is to have balance in the family to understand spirituality from the perspective of the indigenous Kichwa people of the jungle.

In this topic, the people who listen to this presentation will gain a profound inspiration about the importance and value of what it means to have a family in this life, as it is the root for understanding energy and matter.
Allpa Gefa (ECU)

Rapé Ceremony

In the Rapé Ceremonies we talk about the origins and the uses of the these sacred plants, the ancient practice associated to this medicine as a path of self-knowledge and discipline. Through an authentic and respectful approach, we talk about the proper ways of applying Rapé, which is made from the Tabacco and other herbs, and offer an experience to take this medicine in the correct way. We will be sharing chants and prayers from Amazonian lineages as well as other music during the Ceremony. The purpose to take this medicine is for purification, cleansing the body and the mind and for bringing protection. A place intentioned for transformation, grounding and deeper clarity of being.
Nikaya (BR)


Discover proven techniques and methods for improving physical and mental health.

Song of the Ancients

Voice Workshop
Join song collector and voice specialist, Peia Luzzi, for an empowering workshop to open the primordial sound within you. Learn to harness the power of your true voice and sing with joy and ease. Much of the work that we will do in this workshop will be the work of undoing limitations and limiting thoughts. Of opening the body, deepening the breath and allowing our vessel to resonate and amplify the natural sounds created in the throat. Peia encourages a practice of gentleness rather than force, a practice that harnesses the energy of the breath and vibration of the voice, rather than muscling from the throat. From there you can open easily and reach both the top and bottom of your range with grace. Together we will learn healthy body alignment for optimal sound production, how to ground and harness the power of the breath from your deep core, and how to tap into the natural resonance already in your voice and body. Working with tools from the ancient Indian alchemy of Raga we will enter a meditative practice know as “The Yoga of Sound.” We will gain deeper understanding of the physical inner-workings of the voice from Vocal Pedagogy and learn to sing with grace, power, flexibility and ease. This workshop is beneficial for singers on all stages of the journey, from very beginner to advanced. The first part of this workshop will focus on vocal embodiment and cultivation tools, and the second part will focus on learning and singing a traditional song.
Peia (USA)

Practices for Radiance: A Kundalini Yoga Experience

More of a journey than a class — through enlivening yogic exercises, transporting breathwork, and blissful meditations we tap the deeper reservoir of vital magnetism. Confidence emerges, the body vibrates with life-force, and we are filled with new inspiration. A Kundalini Yoga experience with Jai Dev is for anyone. No previous experience is necessary. It's joyful, fun, and always memorable!
Jai Dev Singh (USA)

Kundalini & Tantra: Unlocking the Ancient Science of Bliss

Prepare to embark on a mystical journey — one which lifts us above the heaviness of the ordinary and into the ever-blossoming purpose of our lives. More of a journey than a class, this unique experience led by esteemed yogi and teacher, Jai Dev, is something anyone can try. We will engage in a dynamic blend of breathwork, yogic exercises, sound healing and meditation practice. Find out what ensues as our life-force awakens and flows freely within the body and mind.
Jai Dev Singh (USA)

Meeting your Dragon

In this Chinese Year of the Wood Dragon, our consciousness and awareness of dragons as real beings have been activated. This workshop will be a gathering of those feeling connected to the benevolent dragon realms. We will connect to the dragons of Avalon (Glastonbury) and sing -sending our sing along the dragon lines to awaken all the sleeping dragons. A guided meditation will invite all to connect with their personal dragon ally or allies for strength and power to see them through challenges and change and to develop the use and understanding of the transformational energy of fire.
Urtema Dolphin (GBR)

Ayurveda: The Science of Common Sense - Healing with Ayurveda

In this workshop, you will be introduced to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian holistic system of medicine. You'll gain foundational insights into Ayurvedic principles, which focus on achieving balance in your mind, body, and spirit through personalized wellness practices, emphasizing the importance of harmony with your unique constitution.
Dr. Arun Sharma (IND)

Channeling your own Healing

Open up to your own Channeling abilities. Channeling is an innate ability we all have. It ranges from intuitive feelings to mediumship. I will teach you how use your natural capacity to connect with your angels and spirit guides for guidance and healing. I will guide you how to perceive your life experiences as messages from the universe on what you need to heal in your subconcious information. I will be teaching you about your energy system, and how your negative beliefs and emotions create blockages, and how you can release and heal them. How your body communicates with you to show you the hidden negative belief systems that are holding you back in your life. How to move from anger to compassion and from a victim to co-creator with the universe. How to choose Love over Fear.
Karen Sommers (USA/GBR)

Vocal Trust

During the workshop, we will combine the art of vocal expression and acrobalance to create a space of freedom and trust within our group. We will release and heal ourselves through your voice and our body and learn about the harmony of ourselves as a group and between partners. During the workshop, we will find our inner voice. We will sing, create a healing trance of vocals, remove our blockages, and dive into the healing sounds of ourselves. With vocals as our guidance, we will practice acrobalance and body-trust positions with our partners and group to create a trustful space for expression, balance and freedom. The name vocal-trust defines the workshop well, as we will learn to trust our vocals and accept them as they are, and so do trust our bodies for balance and beauty.
Shiri Shahar (ISR)

Ayurveda: The Science of Common Sense - Find your own constitution for healthy living

In this workshop, you will be introduced to Ayurveda's ancient holistic principles, guiding you to identify your unique constitution for personalized well-being. Through interactive sessions, you'll be empowered to embrace a healthier lifestyle by aligning with your individual nature.
Dr. Arun Sharma (IND)

Laughing meditation

Laughing is the best cure for everything no doubt about it 🙂 Let's laugh together like never before and engage in silliness, as you know that sometimes silliness is genuineness, and there's nothing better than being free We will practice breathing and go through clown-medicine games of laughter and silliness, and continues laughing our asses out together as a community of children. Children are welcome and we need you with us.
Shiri Shahar (ISR)

Cosmic Speed Dating

Come and meet, flirt and connect with other singles in a conscious, cosmic and fun way.
Lucy Porter (GBR)

Ayurveda: The Science of Common Sense - Ayurvedic nutrition

Delve into the principles of Ayurveda, discovering how to nourish your body in alignment with its unique needs. Gain valuable insights into personalised dietary practices that foster balance and well-being, exploring the profound connection between food and your individual constitution.
Dr. Arun Sharma (IND)

Ayurveda: The Science of Common Sense - Ayurvedic lifestyle and routines

Embark on a journey to integrate Ayurvedic principles into your daily life, discovering personalised practices that harmonize with both your unique constitution and the ever-changing seasons. Explore the profound connection between daily and seasonal routines, and learn how aligning with circadian rhythms can contribute to a balanced and holistic well-being. This workshop empowers you to cultivate a lifestyle that resonates with your individual nature, fostering harmony in mind, body, and spirit.
Dr. Arun Sharma (IND)

Ayurveda: The Science of Common Sense - Ayurvedic detox and panchakarma

Uncover the holistic approach to cleansing as prescribed by Ayurveda, and learn the basics of purifying and revitalizing your mind and body. Explore the transformative practices of Panchakarma, an Ayurvedic detoxification method that involves a series of therapies to eliminate toxins and restore balance.
Dr. Arun Sharma (IND)

The Matrix Decoded: Understanding Maya

We can choose to live inside The Matrix and be a part of chaos, mayhem and misery or we can choose to take one step away from The Matrix and discover what heaven feels like. The choice is ours. In this workshop, we will understand the true meaning of the word Maya and see how we can be a part of this world, a part of this society and yet be detached and happy. Constantly in a heaven of our own making.
Bijay J. Anand (IND)

Be Limitless: In Success and Relationships

We live our entire lives shackled with fear, guilt, society pressures and lack of confidence. I this workshop, we will see how we can break away from our negative patterns and pave the way for success not only in our business and careers but also in our relationships.
Bijay J. Anand (IND)

Opening the Anahata Chakra: Finding Love, Peace and Happiness in our lives

Lack of love, loneliness and depression affects too many people on this planet. In this workshop we will see how we can open up our heart chakra so that we can live the rest of our lives with an abundance of love, peace and harmony.
Bijay J. Anand (IND)

How to look beautiful, feel beautiful and be surrounded by beauty

In life, we try to look beautiful and we like to be appreciated. We like to surround ourselves with beauty and beautiful things. However, most of us try to do this in the wrong way. When we understand the spiritual answers to the question of beauty, we can live a truly beautiful and wonderful life.
Bijay J. Anand (IND)

Dancing with the Elements

The main benefit of the Dancing with the elements workshop is to recreate the body mind and spirit through honoring and integrating the dance of each element. People will take away renovation of their bodies through sweating celebrating and integrating each of the movements of the elements as well as a traditional way of dancing to honor different manifestations of life. They will learn some part of the ancient Mexica dance and movement. It’s about remembering that through movement and dance we can give offerings to the earth and all elements. They will experience the power of the Mexica drumming, the unity with the other participants of the workshop, the beauty of creating an altar for the earth that will be activated through the dance. They will feel revitalised, joyful, excited and they will feel the strength of this moving meditation. The facilitation dynamic will start by creating an altar in the centre of the space on the grass, explaining the elementals and their movements, warming up the body and then all together creating and preforming the circular Dance that will the actual prayer for the earth.

Womb Voice Activation

The Womb Voice Activation's main benefit is to open and clear our womb, heart and throat energy center channels. What women will take away from this workshop is being able to have a strong and healthy channel and recognize their true voice. They will learn to release layers of generational memories of trauma and pain stored in their uterus. It’s about working in pairs with another woman sustaining each other through this technique. They will experience a release and liberation of memories and loyalties from their lineage and ancestors that they have carried with great weight for generations and past lifetimes. They will feel supported and listened to by other women and they will feel liberated and able to trust their voice. We will have a shaking meditation followed by the womb voice activation, followed by the integration in groups of ten women, closing with harmonizing the voice.

Native Singing Circle

The main benefit of the Singing Circle is to connect with the power of your voice and express it to singing We will take away some Native American songs and rhythms that we can use in ceremonies and daily lives. We will learn that anybody can sing. We will learn to connect with spirit with traditional songs and singing. It is about remembering and trusting that everyone can sing and feel the connection with our spirit through these prayer songs. We will experience opening voice exercises, sing and discover our voice through singing. We will feel contained, relaxed & connected with the collective, experiencing the power of the song It will be facilitated starting with opening the sacred space, followed by a warm-up of the voice with some circle exercises and it will be a call-and-respond dynamic with the songs.

How to look beautiful, feel beautiful and be surrounded by beauty

In our lives we do make an effort to look beautiful and like to be appreciated. We like to be surrounded by beauty and beautiful things. However, most of us attempt to achieve this the wrong way. When we understand the spiritual answers to beauty, we can truly live a beautiful and wonderful life..
Bojay J. Anand (IND)

Living with an open Heart: ancient practices for modern times

How to live with an open Heart: ancient practices for modern times
Haliama (MEX)

Journey into the Heart of Connection with all sentient beings

Join Loesje Jacob for an extraordinary workshop dedicated to expanding your consciousness and enhancing your ability to communicate without words. Dive into the heart of connection through Loesje’s signature 48-minute guided journey, discover mastermind techniques to support healing and bond more deeply with your pets, and engage in enriching Q&A sessions. This workshop will not only teach you about the subtleties of non-verbal communication but also offer healing frequencies and activations that open new pathways to personal and spiritual growth. It’s a transformative encounter that will leave you with a renewed appreciation for the wisdom and insights of the animal kingdom.
Loesje Jacob NED/CAN

Yoga, Meditation, Breathing & Movement

Deepen your inner balance and nourish your body, mind and soul.

Contact Dance & Heart Songs

Deepen into connection through the exploration of movement and sound as we journey through unique exercises of guided improvisation. Join us for this innovative workshop of song, sound, and dance.
Mōllie Mendōɀa (GBR)

Bhakti Flow & Ecstatic Dance

Celebration of life through movement, yoga, music, and devotion.
In this workshop you will experience a true connection with your deepest self, your body and the magic of life. We have prepared a yoga bhakti flow with a musical set that will gradually evolve into an ecstatic dance. The intention is to turn off the mind, open the heart and enjoy the present moment.
Sara Ticha (SK) and Ondřey (CZ)

Songs of the Spirits

A Journey of prayers and channeled songs to open up the heart. Close your eyes and let go... It is time to take you on a journey of vibrational messages. Enter into other dimensions. Let the sound of music make you feel the essence of life. These frequencies will lift you up to higher levels of consciousness and understandings. Together we rise.
Nana Garra rrana (NLD)

Organic Flow Zouk Deep Connection

Organic Flow is one of the Brazilian zouk styles, characterized by deep connection, instant flow dancing, and co-creation between partners. In addition to technical leading and following tricks, dancers must attune to one another and promptly adjust to each other's breath, movement, impulses, and flow. The final part of a specific movement always serves as the starting point for the next. Partners never expect anything from each other; they remain present in the 'here and now,' ready to create something new.
Pati & Luke Organic Flow (POL)

A Kabbalistic breathing journey

The main benefit is that it's a very simple technic to feel better. it helps to calm the mind, get clarity, feel happier and balance the feelings. we will learn very simple breathing exercises that can be used daily or whenever we want and by practicing them regularly we can bring a great change to our lives - physically, emotionally and mentally.
Eyal Grad (ISR)

The Yoga of Chant & Chocolate

Known for their highly accessible and deeply powerful Kirtan, Medicine Music and Ecstatic Dance offerings, The Hanuman Project will sweep you up into a whirlwind of chant ecstasy and then plunge into a lake of devotional nectar. This is not a band, it’s a movement - a grassroots and cutting-edge devotional & medicine music ensemble, ever-evolving, celebrating, singing and dancing all the way home.
The Hanuman Project (GBR)


Meet with leading experts who will inspire and motivate you to make positive contributions in your life.

Childbirth as the return of female power and charity collection

"The way a woman gives birth and the kind of care that is provided to her and the baby points to the core values of a given society as sharp as an arrow." - Sheila Kitzinger Pregnancy is a unique, transformative and challenging time. For all of these reasons, it is crucial to listen to oneself, honour one's own values while respecting and valuing the choices of other women. How can pregnancy and childbirth change a woman's life? What is the concept of active childbirth? And what are the choices and options available to women in making decisions about childbirth in our context? Back in time and back again. Childbirth is a time when a woman is faced with many choices about where and how to give birth. After this lecture, you will be able to imagine the options that women have that give them a sense of freedom and security during childbirth.
Lilia khousnoutdinová (CZ)

The importance of transformative experience in psychotherapy

Transformative experience (peak experience) is an important concept in psychotherapy set out by the founder of humanistic psychology, Abraham Maslow. A number of self-development techniques (psychedelics, bodywork) allow one to reach a state of transformation with varying degrees of effectiveness, but less is said about what this process may look like and what the consequences may be. The dissolution of ego boundaries, experiences of oneness with the universe, psychospiritual crisis, acute psychosis, schizophrenia and spiritual bypass will be discussed. Together we will try to explore the boundary of so-called "normality" and psychopathology.
MUDr. Filip Tylš, PhD (CZ)

Options for trauma psychotherapy

At the core of many mental afflictions lies traumatic experience—there's no doubt about it. Trauma renders a person more fragile and often more vulnerable. In the process of therapy, we open ourselves to the therapist, and the fundamental requirement must be safety and respect on their part—especially so in approaches where clients yield some control, such as psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy or other experiential techniques. Unfortunately, many individuals who embark on the healing journey encounter further boundary violations along the way, sometimes even from those they expected to help. This talk explores the possibilities in trauma psychotherapy with a psychotherapist well-versed in psychedelic-assisted therapy and body-centered approaches. It discusses how to maintain self-respect, what to consider when selecting a therapist and therapeutic approach, and how to establish and uphold personal boundaries effectively.
Mgr. Jana Tylš Adámková, Ph.D. (CZ)

Sex as medicine: a source of love and manifestation

How to use sexuality in a wise, creative, and love-deepening way? As a society, we are not harnessing even a fraction of the potential that our sexuality holds. Let's look beyond arousal, orgasm, and reproduction. How can we promote the health of body and soul through sexuality? What should we do when one or both partners lose interest in making love? How can we leverage the power of sex to fulfill our intentions and desires? ... Or, what you should have learned in sex education classes but no one told you...
Denisa Říha Palečková (CZ)

The future of health from the perspective of biohacking.

What is the vision of the future in terms of biohacking, longevity and personalized medicine? What new concepts and paradigms are hiding behind the curtain of our eyes, but none of us can see them? What innovations and truths do we need to discover in order to navigate together as humanity through the future that awaits us? How can we as humanity begin to see what does not yet exist in our minds but wants to be discovered? What is the difference between feminine and general biohacking? These and other questions will be answered in this talk.
Veronika Allister (CZ)

Emotions and mind from the perspective of yoga and Ayurveda

Zuzana Klingrová (CS)

Adventure Camp

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Program for children

Fun activities that will enrich you and your children.

The program for children will be held in Czech language, but children from abroad can also participate.

Cicrus workshop

In this workshop, the children (together with their parents or passers-by) will open the door to the world of circus. They will try juggling with various circus toys, practice their balance on various difficult balancing aids, learn to concentrate, overcome setbacks and play with Mrs. Gravity. The instructor will be available to inspire and help them.
Jiří Sadila Cirkus XOBĚ (CZ)

Wave Movement

Suitable for children of all ages.
A daily encounter with music, dance, and movement. For children and everyone who wants to try all the rhythms of the world. We will undulate, jump, and move to come alive and celebrate the beauty, wonder, power, and passion in our dance together. We will join together in the present moment. Supported by musical shaman Guy Barrington.
Šimon Castrillo aka DJ HIS (CZ)

Family Games Empower the Child

Suitable for children aged 7 to 12 years.
Empower the Child is a unique method of movement games that harmonize the body and soul. The games are focused on strengthening trust, determination, willpower, setting boundaries, and overcoming fear. They will teach you to better understand your children, have fun with them, and time everything correctly.
Petr Hrdina a Petr Diamant (CZ)

Evening Reading

Suitable for children aged 3 and up.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: The Little Prince 7.8. Timothée de Fombelle: Vango 8.8. Eva Papoušková: Kosprd and Telecí 9.8. Timothée de Fombelle: Tobias Lolness 10.8.: End your day with a reading from a book that should not be missing from your library. Whether sitting, lying down, or in an embrace, you will experience a part of an inspiring story.
Dita Castrillo (CZ)

Inner Power

Suitable for children aged 7 and up.
Morning body stretching through movement games and fun exercises in nature. We will run, jump, and play with our bodies. Everyone can try what they enjoy, alone or with their parents.
Petr Hrdina a Petr Diamant (CZ)

AcroYoga for Parents with Children

AcroYoga is a fusion of yoga, partner acrobatics, and Thai massage. During the practice, you'll not only laugh but also strengthen and stretch your entire body.
Tereza Trávníková (CZ)

How to Write a Fairy Tale?

Suitable for children aged 10 and up.
An interactive lecture for aspiring writers. In a playful manner, we will explore the possibilities of creating fairy tales, which do not have to be just for children. We will show what fairy tales can do and how they help to experience joy, laughter, adventure, discover new friendships, overcome obstacles, and enjoy every day.
Lenka Tichá (CZ)

We Love Drumming!

Suitable for children aged 6 and up.
A drumming workshop that helps express emotions. Experience the joy of knowing you can do something. Release creativity and spontaneity. When you take a drum in your hands and start playing, the drum plays on you. The right and left hemispheres of the brain unite, and a miracle happens...
Petr Havlan (CZ)

Lecture: Self-defence for all

The introduction of the Self Defense for All project is a new approach to self-defense based on the Israeli Empowerment Self Defense designed for the general population. The presentation will focus on the application of the concept for young ladies and girls.
Lada Jirkalová (CZ)

About a Witch who falls in love

Suitable for children aged 3 and up.
A theater and small puppet musical about a witch who is celebrating her birthday. To ensure everything turns out well, the help of both young and old audience members will be needed. The performance features puppets, masks, and live actors.
Veronika Koloušková a Patrik Vojtíšek (CZ)

About Uncombed Hair

Suitable for children from 3 years old.
A theater piece about what can happen when we don't feel like combing our hair. Bedřiška Kudrnková is a delightful girl who simply doesn't want to comb her hair, so the entire lice circus with the head louse ringmaster Ferda Pastelka moves in.
Perla Kučerová Kotmelová (CZ)

Become Music!

Suitable for children aged 5 and up.
A lecture using experiential learning about discovering sounds around us and within us using healing ethnic instruments from around the world with natural tuning. We create music together based on our own intuition and inspiration in the present moment.
Klára Veselá (CZ)


Suitable for young people aged 12 and up.
Do you want to have fun, relax, and learn something about yourself at the same time? Come to a workshop of dance and movement improvisation. Through dance and movement games, we will tune into ourselves and the group, discovering that our body is our buddy and that it can help us learn something new about ourselves and others. We will awaken our creativity and maybe even discover unexpected movement skills 🙂
Kateřina Hanzlíková (CZ)

Abraxas Dabraxas

Suitable for children aged 4 and up.
A puppet fairy tale about the importance of having friends with whom you experience not only fun but also difficult moments and unexpected adventures. The story will enchant viewers from the little ones to the biggest, who were once the smallest.
Gabriela Berková a Patrik Vojtíšek (CZ)

Advisory Circle and Family Communication

For parents with children.
A lecture on how the advisory circle works - an ancient technique for listening and communicating with each other. The advisory circle (also known as council) is a Native American communication method aiming "from heart to heart". We will show how this ancient and simple technique can bring us back to the roots of human communication and shed new light on current topics in our lives.
Petr Diamant (CZ)

The Tale of Dreadful Dušánek

Theater for children from 3 years old.
A fairy tale about a castle ghost and what it's like to be a little ghost who can't scare anyone... and, most importantly, doesn't want to.
Perla Kučerová Kotmelová (CZ)

Harmonize together

A workshop focusing on the music that is in each of us and everywhere around us. We will explore sounds, musical instruments, feeling and experiencing music. This music workshop is suitable for children up to 8 years old.
Spoluznít (CZ)

Accompanying program

Unique and unforgettable moments that will enrich you and move you along your life's journey.

The Accompanying program will be held in Czech language.

Taky jóga | Try yoga for all without restrictions

You'll try a yoga class that we put together based on proven knowledge of Western and Eastern therapeutic approaches and our own extensive experience. We offer a supportive yet effective form of yoga to those for whom it is not readily available. We have prepared useful exercises on how to breathe effectively during yoga, how to manage pain or care for the body and mind. You will practice with us naturally and for good health. We'll show you how to view yoga and our bodies in a sensitive, respectful way with your newly acquired skills. We look forward to seeing you!
Sylvi Dundáčková (CZ)

Aerial hoop - spin it in a circle

Vzdušná akrobacie
Up into the air and enjoy the spin! You'll learn basic aerobatic positions and take away a great feeling, enjoying the power of your body and mind 🙂 Experience with movement is an advantage. The workshop is also suitable for beginners.
LaClara (CZ)

Acroyoga, pair acrobatics and human pyramids

Acroyoga is a combination of yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage. In a playfully guided practice, you can strengthen and tone your muscles, improve your flexibility, coordination and balance, while deepening your cooperation and trust. Workshops will be led by instructors who will provide guidance, direct the exercises and provide a safe environment. The exercises themselves will always be a progressive introduction to the technique, from basic positions to more advanced sequences that will be rotated daily.
AcroLife Praha a Joyful AcroYoga z Brna (CZ)

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